“Feel The Love”

by | Jan 31, 2016 | Tuned To Heaven

This is a song about a Syrian refugee who feeds the homeless of Berlin as a thank you to the people of Germany for providing him with a safe haven. His name is Alex Assali. Because of the terrible war that’s been going on in Syria, he had to flee his home country, leaving everything and everyone behind because his life was in danger.

After being on the run for a while he finally made his way to Germany. German people were nice enough to take him in, and because he had practically nothing but the close he was wearing he was given just a little allowance to buy some food for himself. Even though he had almost nothing he started to use a very large portion of that very little allowance that he got, and he used it to cook traditional Syrian food. And as a thank you to the people of Germany for providing him with a safe haven every Saturday he started handing out his own made meals to the homeless of Berlin.

This heartwarming story is a very good example of how overwhelmingly powerful and beautiful love really is, and It inspired Percy Jules to write a song that he named “feel the love”.

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